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Evidence of compliance with emissions standards - Australia

For both used and parallel-imported new vehicles, a statement of compliance that includes an approved emission standard is acceptable proof your vehicle meets New Zealand requirements.The emission standards applying to light vehicles are coded ADR 79. You can determine the version of the ADR 79 standard from the date on the ADR compliance plate.

Date on ADR plate Petrol Diesel
Up to 12/2002 Non-compliant with ADR 79 Non-compliant with ADR 79
01/2003–12/2003 ADR 79/00 (Euro 2) Non-compliant with ADR 79
01/2004–12/2005 ADR 79/00 (Euro 2) ADR 79/00 (Euro 2)
01/2006–12/2006 ADR 79/01 (Euro 3) ADR 79/00 (Euro 2)
01/2007–06/2010 ADR 79/01 (Euro 3) ADR 79/01 (Euro 4)
07/2010 onwards ADR 79/02 (Euro 4) ADR 79/01 (Euro 4)

Some vehicles may comply up to a year in advance of these dates (and up to two years in the case of petrol vehicles complying with ADR 79/02). To confirm compliance in these cases, contact the vehicle manufacturer.See more detail on New Zealand Emission standards.

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