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Required documentation importing from Australia

Importing from Australia

Original documents that prove both previous registration and provide an ownership trail that goes back to the previous registered owner of the vehicle in Australia.


If the current owner of the vehicle is not the last registered owner in Australia, the entry certifier must request a vehicle PPSR certificate (which must give a clear title, ie no third party security interest) at the website The vehicle owner must still have invoices, etc that give them title to lawful possession of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is border checked after 1 July 2013, the copy of the PPSR report will be available from the NZTA BIS database for all vehicles that have been flagged as damaged imports. There will not be a PPSR certificate in the BIS database for vehicles without a damage flag. To obtain a PPSR certificate (from the BIS database) for a vehicle border checked after 1 July 2013, contact the entry certifier Head Office (Technical Manager). If a vehicle has been previously registered in Australia it will be shown in the "NEVDIS details" section of the PPSR certificate and the state where the vehicle was registered will also be shown. The vehicle owner must still have invoices etc that give them title to lawfully possess the vehicle.

Some auction invoices may be accepted for proof of legal entitlement but not for proof of previous registration. See an example below

If a registration document or invoice contains the words ‘statutory’, ‘write-off’, ‘salvage’, ‘junked’ or ‘non-repairable’ the vehicle must be referred to a repair certifier

If the vehicle is identified as a 'statutory write-off', the entry certifier can contact the Transport Agency who will request the details regarding why the vehicle was written off.


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